Old people in the wrong house (1585)

11 minutes

Music for instrumental ensemble

old people in the wrong house dancing with robots (1585), exists in a close relationship with E.T.A. Hoffmann’s short story, ‘The Sandman’ (1816), an eerie story in which a young man falls in love with a robot girl.

Today young men’s tendency to be engulfed by affection for mechanical algorithms has become metonymic for masculinity itself. But even though the imaginary most closely aligned with power is often attached to automatized systems, imagination is not always automatic, mechanical or even reducible to a script or code.

On this track, musical patterns repeat while absorbing errant sounds, trying to find a sweet spot of meditative oblivion, and as a result they dance uncomfortably close to mechanized spirits. A border could be discovered between the meditative and the mechanical. And yet, someone outside of time seems to be laughing at us.

Performed by Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, conducted by Lorraine Vaillancourt.