performed by the London Sinfonietta Academy Ensemble 2013, conducted by George Benjamin

Play is the exuberant spirit of the fête.

Play is a childish distraction from urgent political action.

Play is the wet-dream of a system of labor that destroys its possibility and then awkwardly demands it from its workers.

Play is escape from unrewarding/exhausting work.

Play is a line of Durex sex products.

Play is sometimes professional.

Play is obligatory for all, who must thereby demonstrate their humanness and refresh themselves for further work.

Play is different in small groups than in large groups.

Play, Jean playfully suggests, is synonymous with seduction, in whose terms the whole universe (!) must now be interpreted. Play, challenges, gifts, sacrifices, and the “strategy of appearances” have displaced depth and surface, the unconscious and psychological repression.

Play is not really anything.