This Sunday July 14th 7.30pm George Benjamin is conducting a piece of instrumental music theatre I wrote over the past six months, performed by 20 emerging musicians.

Influences include klezmer, ancient Korean court music, sketch comedy and popular songs from the 1990s, and Stratfor Global Intelligence. …
Play as the exuberance of the fête, play as distraction/escape, play as a way of understanding the world opposed to the metaphysics of depth and surface, the unconscious and psychological repression.

The concert will include three further recent pieces and Messiaen’s 1956 exotic birds:

Olivier Messiaen, Oiseaux Exotiques 15′
Edmund Finnis, Relative Colour (UK Erstaufführung) 11′
Steve Potter, Play (création) 15′
Sean Shepherd, Blur (UK Premiere) 12′
Unsuk Chin, Gougalon (erste voorstelling van de gewijzigde versie) 24′

LSO St Luke’s, 161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG.
Free Admission, but reservations required:
to reserve go to